Emily Harris 

Director / Director of Photography 

Hi, I'm Emily and my main skills are centred around the production element of film, specifically in cinematography as I have a keen eye for colours and compositions. My love of all aspects of film has led me to teach it to A Level students, sharing my knowledge and skills to younger filmmakers. I embarked on creating this production company in order to work on thought-provoking projects that challenge my craft skills. I believe I am a great contributor to projects and I listen well to other's ideas with the skills to push them further so that they can develop into something visually appealing and different. 

Kelsie Springall 

Producer / Editor

Hi, I'm Kelsie and my skills are based within the pre and post production elements of film. I thrive from working alongside people in order to organise and produce their vision as best as creatively possible. My passion for film began when I participated in two BFI academies; one regional and another specialising in documentary. I have produced and edited films that have been nominated for awards such as WJEC Best Music Video and The Lift Off Film Festival, as well as having two of my films screened at BFI Southbank. This has acted as a catalyst for me to further my love for creating content but this time - for businesses.



We like to promote ambitious and unique narratives to the forefront of our visual content. Using each individual story to be the backbone and biggest emphasis on our image. We want to use film as an art form to create a production designed for every vision. We believe we are equipped with the right professional kit and software to achieve your vision, whether that be creating a promotional advert, event after movies, documentaries, showreels etc. 



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