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Introducing Us

Founded back in 2021, Fever Days was created with the sole purpose of creating digital-first videos that stops scrolling thumbs and encourages audiences to act.

After working as young female freelancers, we were both often overlooked in an industry that is typically male dominated. With this in mind, we launched Fever Days to enable businesses to share their new perspectives and ideas within an inclusive manner and collaborative.

Within the new digital era, it has become evident how impactful video marketing can be to a businesses brand awareness, sales and customer engagement. Here at Fever Days, we utilise the power of video to optimise social platforms, promote information and most importantly, tell untold stories.

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Kelsie's expertise lay within the post production element of productions. From completing multiple BFI Film Academies and having her work being nominated at European film festivals, Kelsie has experience in producing and editing films, docs and more. As a digital nerd, Kelsie is now channeling her passion for editing and tech in creating digital first videos that resonate online. 




Emily's knowledge and skills are centred around production. Aside from specialising in camera operating and having her work shown in international museums, Emily also has experience in teaching film to A-Level students. Emily's passion and eagerness to share her knowledge has now led her to co-found Fever Days in an attempt to bridge the gap between businesses and consumers. 



Our Values 

As we grow and embark on new projects, here are some of the values we follow.



We focus our creative energies on developing a customised plan to resolve your unique challenges and issues. By creating an environment that welcomes new creative ideas.



 We strive to exceed each client’s expectations and put their best interests first. By using our passion, we take ambitious approaches to ensure your videos succeed.



Fostering open and clear communication with our clients is the key to understanding their needs and purveying the best alternatives to their requirements.



We believe that it is imperative for us to comprehend the challenges faced by our clients and how we can help them to accomplish their goals. Therefore we aim to create a friendly working environment that allows open communication.

Why Us

Female Founded

In house industry-standard equipment 

Content optimised for social media

Fast turnaround times

Proven analytical results  

Competitive pricing 


We have a lot planned this year and we are all hands on deck.

We are specifically looking for freelancers who are either Video Editors, Graphic Designers or Photographers.  

Therefore if you want to join the Fever Days team, get in touch! 

Thanks for submitting!

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