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Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Here at Fever Days Productions, we have decided to dip our toes into the world of blogging. Hoping to bring answers to queries, add insight into the world of film and to have a discussion with those who have something to say.

Firstly Fever Days Productions is currently made us of two co-founders, myself Emily, (the blog writer) and the other co-founder Kelsie. The two of us make up the three aspects of film, with Kelsie specialising in project management (pre-production) and post-production, whereas I specialise in production which contains all things to do with the camera, lighting and direction. We both met at university whilst studying film, we bonded over our enthusiasm to visualise and share real stories through commercial and corporate video work - which has led us to where we are today.

We started Fever Days Productions as we noticed, after working in the film industry, that the strong dominance that male filmmakers have on the industry, has left many female and LGBTQ+ creatives unrepresented. We noticed talented and qualified individuals weren't given the opportunities they deserve to create and share their stories - but we want to help break this stigma. This is why we aim to work with unrepresented creatives and businesses to share untold stories in an engaging and connective manner.

About our services

At Fever Days Productions, our services are centred around creating digital-first content that businesses and brands feel truly represent their company, in a contemporary manner that inspires consumers to engage. We aim to visually represent a business and brands ethos and help share their voice to enable them to communicate to consumers within the digital realm. We do this by using videography, video editing and content creation to make promotional content such as documentaries, UGC videos, adverts, campaigns and more.

What's coming up next

Moving forward, we will be discussing the different ways videos can help market businesses. Detailing 5 video modes that can help connect businesses with their audience - some that you may have never expected! However, we want to hear from you, the reader, what would you like us to discuss - more about our businesses why? more about filmmaking and our approach? Get in touch with us and let's collaborate on this.

Stay in touch

As well as following our blog, you can keep track of what we are doing on social media below.

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