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Filming & Editing Workshop

Through the rise of content creating online, most people nowadays have the tools to capture and share meaningful moments with just their smartphones and as Emily and I have a keen interest in sharing our filmmaking and editing knowledge with others, we decided to create our first-ever filming and editing workshop! The workshop was based within Peterborough and its aim was to encourage the locals to engage with their creative side and come along to a workshop that is designed to teach participants how to film and edit on their mobile devices. With this workshop, we knew that anyone could turn up so making it accessible was super important to us. This is why we focused on mobile filmmaking and editing and utilised different learning styles to ensure that all participants learnt something new from the day.

The Workshop

We facilitated a 4-hour interactive filming and editing workshop for the creative locals in Peterborough to come along to find out more about the theory and practical elements of filmmaking and editing. Each participant brought a mobile device so that we could teach them how to make the most out of their device. The workshop consisted of theory sections, quizzes, group tasks and interactive activities so that the participants could put what they had learnt into practice. Filmmaking and editing are all about practice and problem-solving, so we ensured that our workshop was specifically designed to encourage the students to get some hands-on experience with practical sessions throughout. These practical sessions allowed families to bond over something creative as well as see the locals connect to other creative-minded people. It was great to see such a variety of ages show up and it has inspired us to host more workshops so that all ages can get involved with their artistic side.

The workshop was split into a morning session where we focused on filming and then in the afternoon, we focused on the editing process. To end the day, we watched 5 short films that were captured and compiled during the workshop. Which was a lovely rewarding moment for all participants as they shared what they had created. The screening was also accompanied by refreshments because snacking whilst watching films is always the best way to watch them!

The Outcomes

As this was our first workshop, we had two main goals in mind (1) to encourage participants to embrace their creative side and (2) to share our knowledge of accessible filmmaking and editing with others who are interested to learn more. From reading our feedback forms back it seems we achieved both of these, as 95% of participants said they are eager to attend future workshops and learn more about filming and editing. Sharing our love for filming and editing with others gave us such a buzz so to hear that the participants enjoyed their time and learnt something valuable was the cherry on top!

Moving Forward

Moving forward we are looking to host more community-based filming and editing workshops as well as facilitate some online sessions for any international filmmaking newbies too. We are currently working tirelessly behind the scenes on some big projects that include learning filmmaking and video editing (which may or may not be accredited meaning you get a certified qualification!). So, if you want to keep up with what we do next then you can follow our social media below to keep posted about events, projects, and news.

Thank you for reading and I hope you are all keeping safe and positive!

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